Karolina Wrońska - lektorka języka angielskiego

Zdrowy Przedszkolak

I am a graduate of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. I begun my teaching career from giving private classes and after finishing pedagogical and methodological English teaching course I started working in language schools as a lector. I spent one holiday working as a carer of erdelry and handicaped people in England, which highly improved my language skills and made me more sensitive to human needs. During my studies I was given a chance to take part in Erasmus Project in Spain, where except from studying I could teach English in a local kindergarten and primary school, as well as working as an au pair of four Spanish children. After fiishing my studies I was granted another EU scholarship – this time connected with Comenius Programme - to develop my teaching skills in primary, secondary and highschool in Ceuta, Spain.

In order to expand my knowledge on pedagogy, children’s upbringing and teaching I started postgraduate studies in SGGW (preschool and early school pedagogy).


I have been teaching English in Happy Preschool since 2011 and during my classes I do my best to make children associate English with fun. The methods I use are all based on various songs, games and TPR activities. Apart from classes I accompany children in all of their activities communicating with them in English.

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