Our Preschool 2

Let's get to know each other

Zdrowy Przedszkolak

“Education cannot focus on what happened yesterday in the child’s development but on what will happen tomorrow. We become ourselves thanks to others. What a child cannot do without help today, it will be able to do by himself tomorrow. Therefore, the only good method of education is teaching that goes before the child’s development and leads it.” Colin Rose, Revolution in Teaching (Accelerated Learning)


Every human being develops in culture. Culture surrounds him and conditions his existence even before he is born. Without being anchored in culture a man lacks identity, the ability to communicate and sensitivity, and does not profit from the endless resources of experience of previous generations: history, science, art, and the symbolism of various religions. Entering into the world of culture is a never-ending process. However, it is during childhood that convictions, judgments, opinions, prejudices, attitudes and habits are shaped, all of which determine the future life choices of a young person.


Our mission is to show children the world as a wide and wonderful field of possibilities, as a whole for which everyone is responsible, on the one hand, and on the other as a mosaic of colorful elements where each one is beautiful because it is different from the rest. The magnitude and diversity of the world encourage a joyful sense of adventure and discovery without prejudices, fear and barriers, but with sensitivity and respect for others.

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